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It’s simple... We love hair. We value health. We're obsessed with quality.

Saying that hair is our passion is the understatement of the century. From officially voted “best hair” in the high school year book...I know, it’s a pretty big struggling with fine, thinning hair, we’ve felt all the emotions. Play With My Hair has been a big part of our life journey and created out of necessity. Necessity to improve our own hair. We’ve tried everything...I mean everything! Unfortunately, a lot of empty promises that didn't deliver. Play With My Hair...not my feelings. Desperation and literally countless hours of reading research publications, blog articles, testimonials and homemade remedies have led us here. This isn’t theory. This is our life. We created Super Boost for us. We shared it with some friends and it really helped them. Word spread fast, people kept asking and Super Boost was born.

There are definitely more important things in life...well...maybe :)...but we are very thankful to have healthier hair than ever and inspired to share our gift with the world. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to have their healthy hair played with and we’re excited to play a part of helping you achieve that goal and of friends!

Insert slow motion hair shake here…